Products & Services
  1. CascadeGreen Retail Nursery Products ™ is a full line of high quality, heavy duty wire hanging baskets, tomato cages, trellis and more.
  2. Oregon Wire Products is the leading provider of wreath frames and accessories in the United States. We offer everything from the traditional round wire ring to custom made shapes and sizes.
  3. Oregon Wire Products offers high quality commercial growers supplies ranging from tree stakes to tree basket to berry, hop and vineyard trellis wire. 
  4. Oregon Wire Products is your one-stop-shopping experience for your concrete building supplies. We can provide your rebar and re-mesh concrete reinforcing product and building supply requirements with in-house cutting and bending fabrication services. From bolts, Rap-I-Form snapie ties to vents, we’ve got your concrete building supply needs covered. 
  5. Oregon Wire Products is the Northwest’s leading provider of fabricated and specialty wire items. We offer a wide variety of bale ties and baling wire, coiled & boxed wire, wire stems and on stands, acoustical and specialty made items.
  6. Oregon Wire Products is positioned to help you promote your brand and sell products faster and more efficiently through our design and construction of point of purchase displays.


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